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  • Over 25 years of experience in eLearning development and creative design.

  • Advanced level of knowledge and working experience with various eLearning programs.

  • Experience in web, print, and interactive development.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to provide creative and instructional direction.

  • Efficient time management skills, including an outstanding ability to multi-task.

  • Strong management and people skills.

  • Highly organized, self-motivated, and deadline-oriented with keen attention to detail and quality.

  • Provide support in crafting proposals, estimates, and timelines.



  • Developed engaging custom eLearning modules using Storyline 360, Rise 360, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Lectora, PowerPoint, Vyond, and the Adobe Creative Suite applications

  • Applied established learning theories, integrated learner feedback, and harnessed adaptive learning to craft personalized and effective instructional materials.

  • Designed formative and summative assessments to measure learner comprehension and track progress, ensuring the achievement of learning objectives.

  • Collaborated with instructional designers and SMEs to prepare scripts and storyboards for development.

  • Adeptly worked with storyboards or extracted relevant text from the script to create onscreen content, enhancing it with impactful visuals and interactions to develop comprehensive modules.

  • Created interactive eLearning modules featuring scenarios, animations, interactivity, audio, video, and gamification

  • Maintained a commitment to staying current with industry trends and best practices, regularly updating instructional design approaches to align with evolving technology and pedagogy.

  • Developed support materials, such as key graphics, quick reference cards, job aides, and eBooks.

  • Developed presenter guides, student guides, and other materials for virtual events.

  • Developed compelling PowerPoint presentations for the organization's internal use and virtual events.

  • Ensured compliance with accessibility standards by developing 508 compliant training and working closely with a Trusted Tester for verification.

  • Delivered SCORM packages for easy integration into clients' Learning Management Systems (LMS).

  • Collaborated with the LMS engineer to seamlessly upload courses into the system, ensuring a smooth learning experience for end-users.

  • Conducted coaching sessions for clients, guiding them in making their own edits post-delivery.

  • Developed marketing materials, including business cards, folders, letterheads, posters, internal assets, tradeshow materials, advertisements, etc. Written articles and created posts and assets for social media. 


  • Managed the creative and instructional development of eLearning projects, ensuring complete client satisfaction

  • Worked with clients to understand their specific needs and devise tailored solutions.

  • Supervised and coordinated the activities of graphics and eLearning departments, ensuring seamless project execution and a consistent look and feel across all deliverables.

  • Participated in status calls with clients to ensure a smooth development process.

  • Identified project requirements and assisted with proposals, estimates, and timelines

  • Managed a diverse team (in-house and contractors), including designers, developers, instructional designers, narrators, and audio recording, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

  • Provided valuable guidance and supervision to eLearning developers, enhancing their skills and performance.

  • Committed to streamlining processes and workflows, ensuring efficient project management and timely delivery of high-quality learning solutions.



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Acrobat

PowerPoint / Word

Audio and Video Editing Tools

Microsoft Project

508 Complaint Courses

Storyline 360

Rise 360

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Presenter







Created an interactive eLearning module to walk the employees through their seven IT journeys. These journeys were packaged in a single module titled "How We Work Together." The entire module had a custom design with company branding. The module included welcome videos, custom content slides, Vyond animations, and slides for their team to provide ratings and comments. Final deliverable was an engaging, interactive, on-demand eLearning module designed for maximum learner comprehension and retention. Case study available here.  

Technology: Articulate Storyline 360




Designed interactive Instructor-Led Training (ILT) materials for advanced level Management Essentials Program. Worked closely with the client and the Instructional designer to create training materials that were visually appealing, engaging, and thorough. Deliverables for each course were as follows: Instructor guides, Participant guides, scenarios, activities, PowerPoint decks, job aids, and other materials. Consistent company branding applied across all training materials. Case study available here.


Technology: PowerPoint, Word, Adobe InDesign



Description: Project 1 - Developed a series of simulations in Storyline to coach employees on how to use the VOICE system. Remotely captured screens and developed simulations within a tight deadline.

Project 2 - Designed and developed a fun game for the Housekeeping department to reinforce the correct way of room cleaning. The learner started by choosing an avatar and answered a series of correct/incorrect questions. Only 5 questions were pulled at a time from a bank of 50 questions. Score and time was displayed throughout. Game was very visual to address language barriers within the housekeeping department.

Technology: Articulate Storyline


Description: Developed modules to train Rental Sales Associates on their 6 steps within their customer service and sales process. Each module covered one step and included a scenario. This scenario was weaved throughout each module and visually showed a conversation between a customer who comes to reserve a car and a sales associate. The modules were engaging, interactive, and included knowledge checks throughout.

Technology: Articulate Storyline



Description: Developed multiple modules using Adobe Captivate. The modules were translated in 6 languages. Modules included screenshots, whiteboarding animation, and audio. A total of 12 modules were delivered.

Technology: Adobe Captivate, PowerPoint



Description: Developed a series of eLearning modules which included assisting with Instructional design services to prepare script and storyboard from raw content provided by the client. Designed and developed modules using Articulate Storyline that were SCORM compliant. 

Technology: Articulate Storyline



Description: Designed a lobby landing area where attendees, after logging in, would view events and register. Attendees could view exhibitor information in the form of project demos, watch and listen to keynote speaker videos, and have live chat sessions with specific exhibitors for the purpose of exchanging business information. A live help desk area was available to obtain real-time help. Online assessments were created for the attendees. Worked closely with an Intel SME and the technical team to design real-time meeting rooms.

Technology: Adobe Connect, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash




Description: Managed the Brookwood development team to design the largest and most widely used on-demand training portal; the Defense Connect Online (DCO). A series of Adobe Connect training modules were developed to assist new users how to use the DCO collaborative tools. User guides were designed for quick reference when on the field. Worked onsite with the DCO team to develop content and capture screens.

Technology: Adobe Captivate, Flash, InDesign




Description: Designed a 3-part blended learning solution, including a 50 minute online training course that included a pre and post quiz, materials for instructor-led classes, and a take away Best Practice guide summarizing the learning objectives. Worked with the Pfizer SME to document successful methods and field experiences and incorporated this information into the training.

Technology: PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, Illustrator, InDesign



Description: Designed a series of Virtual Instructor-led materials that included speaker notes, work-labs, job-aids, and assessments.  Supporting materials were developed including the facilitators guide and the participants guide. The slides were designed to be engaging and interactive and improved comprehension and retention of the course material. The courses worked well within Adobe Connect.

Technology: PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, InDesign

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