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eLearning Development Process

  • I start by reviewing the script and storyboard (if available)

  • I suggest interactivity, scenarios, and other engaging elements based on the content

  • I check the flow of the content to ensure there are no gaps and that the content is ready for development

  • I provide light ID services

  • I work with a storyboard, or if a storyboard is not available, I have the ability to take relevant text from the script for onscreen text

  • I provide a few sample screens to nail down the design, colors, and theme

  • I then add onscreen text, engagement, visuals, and audio and develop a highly creative, 
    interactive and engaging module

  • The client reviews the module and provides feedback

  • Edits are made based on the feedback

  • Once the module is approved, I package the files that are ready for the LMS

  • I am very flexible and can adapt to any process

  • I work well with content writers and can assist with the development of the storyboard

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